6 PAM Transport Reviews Unlike Any You’ve Ever Read

Do a Google search for "PAM Transport reviews" and you'll get several different stories.  Some positive reviews and some complaints or negative reviews.  The same story goes for just about any truck driving company.  So, how do you make sense of it all?  Today I want to share with you some reviews you can actually see for yourself but first it's important that you understand where these online reviews come from.

Understanding Online Reviews

The thing about reading a review online is you never really know who is behind it.  Now, this isn't true for every website but it is true for most.  In a lot of cases, the person leaving a review doesn't even have to provide his/her real name or email address.  What does that mean?  It means that anyone can leave a review about a company - positive or negative without verifying that they've ever actually had an experience with that company and/or that they are a "real person."  When I think about this, the photo to the right comes to mind.  LOL  It brings up the question - how much weight can you put on someone's opinion that you've never seen/heard/met when it really comes down to it?  If you read a negative review on Yelp from "that one guy" about the "worst meatball sandwich" he's ever had, does that mean as much to you as a positive review from John H who posts a picture on Facebook eating that same sandwich talking about how delicious it is?

I will get to the PAM Transport reviews from REAL truck drivers you can actually see in a minute, but first I want to tell you why these reviews are different than others.  These are reviews you don't even need to read.  These are reviews from PAM Transport truck drivers who went out of their way to stop by truck driving school with their trucks to tell us in person that all was going well in their new career.  They didn't have to stop by to thank us, but they took the time to do it anyway...and we're glad they did.   You see, these are the type of reviews that mean way more than anything you could ever read from some anonymous person and we appreciate every single one of them. For the sake of this post, I'm just including 6 photos but we've got a lot more in our PAM Transport Truck Drivers -Wall of Fame Facebook album if you''d like to see more.

Here's the thing - your career is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than a meatball sandwich, so let's take a look at just 6 drivers who have stopped by truck driving school with their trucks to let us know they're enjoying their truck driving job at PAM Transport.  At the end of the day, a picture is worth a 1,000 words and pictures like these are the best type of reviews for PAM Transport or any other trucking company out there.   

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Ernest Dunn & Chris Harris stopped by truck driving school to let us know all was going well with PAM Transport on 11/19/2012Keep it up guys!

PAM Transport Drivers - Ernest Dunn & Chris Harris

PAM Transport driver, Bert New, came by our CDL training school to share his positive experience on 7/12/2012. Well done, Bert!

Bert New - PAM Transport Driver

Meagan Arterberry brought her PAM Transport truck by one of our CDL training locations on 10/15/12 to let us know she's enjoying life on the road as a truck driver.  Congratulations again Meagan!

Meagan Aterberry - PAM Transport Truck Driver

Thomas Martin showed us his truck and new PAM Transport trailer (with new logo) on 12/29/2011. Glad all the hard work paid off, Thomas!

PAM Transport Driver - Thomas Martin

PAM Transport team drivers, Derek Coleman and Steve O'Briant , came by truck driving school on 7/9/12 to let us know they're running hard out there! Great work and stay safe out on the road guys!

PAM Transport Drivers - Steve O'Briant and Derek Coleman

1st year driver with PAM Transport, Eric Escobar, with his truck and full PAM outfit!  Thanks for coming by Eric!

Eric Escobar - PAM Transport Driver

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