5 CDL Training Posts You’ll Want To Share

Share on FacebookWe share a lot of our blog content with new CDL students and even experienced truck drivers via our Driver Solutions Facebook page.  We also ask our Facebook fans tell us about their experiences in the trucking industry so we can deliver the best free information available on CDL training, truck driving jobs and the trucking lifestyle.

In doing so, we encourage our fans to share some of their favorite posts on Facebook if they find the information helpful.  Below are 5 posts packed full of information to help you get the most out of CDL training and live a better life as a truck driver.  These are 5 of our most shared posts over the last few weeks and we know you'll want to share them too!

Top 5 Most Shareable Posts

  1. How To: Be A Healthy Truck Driver - 58 Facebook Shares
    Living a healthy lifestyle as a truck driver is not easy.  You're on the go alot and it can be easy to fall into the habit of unhealthy eating with minimal exercise.  But luckily our Facebook fans came to the rescue with a list of tips to help you be a healthy truck driver...
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  2. It's Never Too Late To Start A Trucking Career - 50 Facebook Shares
    Lanty French came to Driver Solutions after working a dead end career for more than 14 years.  Lanty had been looking at truck driving jobs and becoming a truck driver was always a dream of his, it was just a matter of the time being right.  Lanty is happy to report that he recently graduated from truck driving school and is about to live his dream!
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  3. CDL Training Tips for Pre-Trip Inspection and Backing - 28 Facebook Shares
    Two of the most challenging parts of CDL training are learning the pre-trip inspection and backing techniques.  While most people catch on, for some it takes time.  Check out these tips to save you some time and get a head start on these two very important parts of training.  Continue Reading Here >>>
  4. CDL Training for All Ages: Begin A Truck Driving Career Now - 19 Facebook Shares
    One of the many benefits to a career in trucking is that you can get started at nearly any age.  We see many people start a 2nd or 3rd career later in life who become very successful.  After all, there's nothing like getting paid to see the country.  If you're looking for a change, you definitely need to check out this article!
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  5. Favorite CDL Training Experiences at Truck Driver Training - 10 Facebook Shares
    Most CDL training programs last around 3 weeks and it's truly a unique experience.  Driver Solutions recently took to Facebook to ask our fans to share some of their favorites.  Find out what they had to say in this article. 
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