400,000 Truck Driving Jobs Need To Be Filled

We've posted quite a bit over the last few months about the high demand for truck drivers from transport companies needing to move freight.  The fact is that jobs in trucking are available NOW and are needing to be filled over the next year or so.  In fact, a recent CNNMoney.com article says 400,000 truck driving jobs will need to be filled by the end of 2011.

Much of this shortage is due to new regulations that have been put in place to get drivers with bad records off the road.  Trucking companies are expecting their drivers to be fully prepared to drive a truck with their CDL License and truck driver training experience.  Getting the proper education at a qualified trucking school like Driver Solutions has never been more important if you want to get one of these trucking jobs.

While a trucking job will require that the driver be away from their family, the $50,000 average first year pay is very attractive to many people that are unemployed or looking for a career change.  This type of salary gives them the ability to provide for their family, even if they are on the road quite a bit for the first year of their trucking career.  These articles and statistics continue to indicate that if a driver receives the proper truck driving training and earns a CDL license, they have a very good chance of getting an immediate job. 

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