4 Promising Job Opportunities for Truckers

Ever feel like you’re working harder and bringing more value to a company, but not really going anywhere?  Being caught in a dead-end job sure isn’t fun.  While there’s something to be said for having a paycheck to take home each week, at some point we all want our hard work to be recognized and rewarded.

This is one of the biggest reasons people look to truck driver jobs when considering a change.  Truck driving jobs provide career opportunities they’ve been missing.   At that point it becomes all about finding a way to enter the transportation industry.  You see, once a trucker gets some good experience, doors WILL open and a driver will often have his/her choice on which direction to go.

Truck Driving Job Opportunities

1. Driver Trainer

Some drivers have always had that “coach” personality and love helping others.  Becoming a driver trainer provides the benefits of getting to travel the country with the rewards of being able to help new drivers further develop the skills needed to enjoy a successful career in trucking.  If you’re looking for a rewarding career path, becoming a driver training often fits the bill.

2. Local Truck Driving Jobs

After driving a year or so in an OTR (over-the-road) truck driving job some truckers just want to be home more often.  In this case, many are able to find a local truck driving jobs that allow them still make a great living doing what they love to do – drive, while being able to spend more time at home with their loved ones. 

3. Owner Operator Jobs

While life as a truck driver is certainly like managing a mini-mobile business, some drivers want to take it a step further by becoming an owner operator.  Whether it’s leasing a truck from a well-known company or doing it all themselves, many truck drivers are able to make an incredibly rewarding career out of going the owner operator route.

4. Transportation Management Position

While many people look to truck driving jobs as a way to break out of the office, after several years behind the wheel some want to return to more of a traditional position.  Having the experience of being a truck driver provides invaluable skills that allow former drivers to excel in management positions within the company. 

It All Starts Here. 

These are just 4 of the opportunities that can come from experience in truck driving jobs and there are so many more.  While it’s fun to think about all of the possibilities that a career in trucking can bring, you have to start somewhere.

Driver Solutions has helped over 25,000 drivers begin successful careers in trucking over the last 25 years.   We know the process better than any other company out there.  The first steps are attending truck driving school, earning a Class A CDL and finding the right company to go to work for. We can help you do these things with just a few moments of your time. 

It all starts with completing our online application.  It’s a 100% secure application that does not commit you to anything, but allows us to learn more about your situation.  Upon submitting an application, you will be able to schedule a time with a personal representative from Driver Solutions to discuss CDL training and truck driving jobs available in your area. 

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