3 Ways CDL Training Makes You Prettier

CDL Training Makes Pretty

Can CDL training really make you prettier?  Well, that depends upon what’s considered “pretty.”  One thing is for sure though; CDL training sure can certainly make a driver more attractive.  No, we’re not talking about being more physically attractive here; we’re talking about more attractive professionally to potential employers.  Our definition of more attractive means better qualified for a truck driving job and more likely to be hired.  Here are three examples of what we’re talking about…

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Proof of Professional Instruction

Those who get a CDL license through a training program like the one Driver Solutions offers will receive an education from professional instructors.  It’s not uncommon for a group of instructors at truck driving school to have a combined 30+ years of real world driving experience.  As covered in this post, there are two different ways to go about getting a CDL -  attending an accredited training program or doing it solo.  When en employer sees that a driver has attended an accredited training program, the company is more confident in hiring that driver. Think of it this way, if a company has a choice between hiring a driver who taught himself to get a CDL (and has no experience beyond that) vs. a driver who recently completed a 3-4 week training program, the driver with the CDL training program experience is going to win every time. 

Less of a Liability

New drivers fresh out of CDL training are less of a liability to an employer when it comes to potential for driving accidents…especially on the insurance side of things.  Both the trucking and insurance companies have more confidence in the driver’s skills as a result of completing a program that has been proven to produce safe and reliable drivers over the years.   This makes the hiring process more straightforward for all involved.  Trucking companies are also concerned about their CSA safety scores so choosing to hire the most thoroughly trained drivers helps to keep this number in check.

More Invested in the Process

Drivers who attend a company sponsored CDL training program typically have more invested in the process of becoming a truck driver than those who choose to learn on their own.  Attending truck driving school for 3-4 week period is a big commitment, especially when it means leaving another job and being away from family during that time. Those who are willing to make that commitment demonstrate to the trucking company that they take the process seriously.  A trucking company is investing a lot in the driver by offering a job opportunity after completing CDL training, so finding a driver who is willing to do the same only makes sense.

Final Thoughts

While we can’t promise that completing CDL training is going to make you prettier (physically), we can say that it has been proven to make drivers more attractive to employers.  And when you stop to think about it, isn’t that really what getting a CDL is all about?

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