3 Tips For A Successful Trucking Career

At Driver Solutions, we want to make sure that you get started on the right path to a successful trucking career.  We do that primarily through our company sponsored CDL training program.  In addition to that, we want to share 3 key factors we have seen help improve your chances for success behind the wheel.

1.  The Right Attitude
Just like all jobs, there are going to be challenges in a trucking career. Having a good attitude can help you stay positive and not overreact. If you are able to keep your cool and remember what you learned at trucking training, you will be a safer, more professional truck driver. The right attitude will also enable you to enjoy and advance your career . The trucking companies in the Driver Solutions Network go the extra mile to help you succeed. Companies like USA Truck and PAM Transport understand the trucking job is new to you and they will work with you and offer support as you begin a new career.

2.  Adjusting To Life On The Road
Making the adjustment to a trucking lifestyle is the second key to a successful career. Life on the road can be exciting. You’ll be traveling all over the country and visiting new places you've never been before. Every day can be a new adventure, but the demands of the job are different from a traditional 9 to 5 job. During the first year as a truck driver, you’ll be learning to balance the requirements of your new career with the time needed for your family life.

3.  Stick With It
As with any job opportunity, there will be challenges to overcome in your trucking career. There is a huge benefit to stay with your company during the first 12 months. It’s easy to think ‘the grass is greener on the other side’, but facts and statistics tell a different story. When a new driver remains committed to the trucking company for 12 months or more, that driver will make a lot more money during his career. 

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