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How to Get a CDLThis week, we’ve been taking a closer look at what it takes to get a CDL.  Everything from answering some of the most asked questions about a CDL license to covering the different ways to go about actually getting a CDL, to diving into the pitfalls of doing it on your own without formal training.  Here’s a quick recap with some links to cover everything you ever wanted to know about getting a CDL...

The How/What/Why of Getting a CDL

In this post, we answer several of our most frequently asked questions here at Driver Solutions.   This includes covering the 3 different types of CDLs and reviewing how to know when to get each one.  Getting a CDL also means passing several tests.  But how many tests exactly and when do you have to take them?  We answer that in this article.  And of course the million dollar questions – how much does it cost to get a CDL and how long does it take to get one?  
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2 Ways to Get a CDL

Like many things in life, there are different ways to go about getting a CDL license.  The two most popular are learning on your own (do-it-yourself) and attending truck driving school.  But when does each one make sense?  In this post we take a closer look at the steps involved to get a CDL and situations where each approach can be effective.  The goal is to present both options in a way that makes choosing the right way for you and easy decision.
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4 Pitfalls of Getting a CDL On Your Own

Save time and money?  Getting a CDL on your own may seem like a good idea on the surface, but there are 4 pitfalls that might come along with it.  Getting a CDL is a big decision and likely the first step in starting a new career.  That means some planning is necessary.  Here we discuss some things to think through before deciding to go the do-it-yourself route.
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