3 Key Advantages To Driver Solutions Trucking School vs. Trade Schools

truck-driving-trainingToday I was sent over an article on CNNMoney.com titled Trade Schools Flunk Key Test: Helping Students.  This article discusses the movement of people looking for jobs to attend trade school.  While it may seem like a good idea to develop a new skill set during a time of recent economic downturn, it does not mean that you are going to be able to find a job at the end of school.  With nearly 1.8 million people enrolled in these schools vs. 365,000 in the few years before it's clear this is a trend that many are following with disappointment.

It may make sense to develop skills that will always be needed such as a car mechanic or plumber, but the cost to attend these trade schools is far higher than other schools.  These trade schools are for-profit - meaning they are looking to make money regardless of if you get a job opportunity or not.  In fact, the default rate on tuition payments among trade schools is the highest compared to other types of schools at over 11 percent.  Those that attend and are not able to find jobs will be stuck with a very costly bill to pay back over time.

Many people turn to these types of trade schools for CDL training.  This is where we feel the Driver Solutions CDL training program has a distinct advantage over other programs out there.  We've been in the truck driving job recruitment industry for over 20 years and have a unique CDL training process that greatly helps the driver attending training.

Here are three key points of difference between Driver Solutions and for-profit trade schools as well as standard truck driving schools:

  1. Your Driver Agent will work to match you with a specific entry level truck driving job opportunity BEFORE you even start training
  2. Company sponsored CDL training means there is no tuition down payment needed to get started
  3. Our students know they qualify for employment in their chosen field BEFORE training begins

If you are able to see the difference and would like to get started, just complete our online driver application.  This will allow you to schedule a time to speak with a Driver Agent about your trucking career options. 

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