What 3 Electronic Devices Make A Trucker’s Life Easier?

Over the past few years, we've been asking for reviews and feedback from truck drivers on things that make life easier out on the road.  There are many rewards that go along with becoming a truck driver, but it does mean making a lifestyle adjustment.  Here are 3 of the most requested, highest rated items from truck drivers, for truck drivers.

1. BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset for Truck Drivers

What is the best bluetooth for truck drivers?  We've asked this question to the fans on our Driver Solutions Facebook page and read hundreds of reviews trying to answer this question. Time and time again, we get the most recommendations for the XVI BlueParrot Roadwarrior Bluetooth headset.  It's quality and reliability are unmatched. Truck drivers want a bluetooth that's comfortable to wear for extended periods of time that does a great job at cancelling out background noise.  This BlueParrott bluetooth delivers unlike any other.

BlueParrott Bluetooth for Truckers

BlueParrott Bluetooth Reviews

From Catfish Queen on Amazon:

"I have the B250-XT model. I am a truck driver and have never before found any headset that works as well as this one. I can hear the person I am speaking with and I have been told it sound as if I am not even using a headset by everyone I have asked. There is much background noise in a truck, especially when we use the CB radio. This is the first headset I have used and been told by my mother that she couln't here the truck! This is easy to charge and once you read the instuctions...easy to set up. It keeps a charge for a very long time...I've never had it go dead on me as yet. I would definately buy this product again."

From Starr Cruise on Amazon:

"My boyfriend is a truck driver, and after buying several blue tooths that were "okay", he asked some of his truck driving cronies (duh) what they thought was the best out there - and that's how we heard of BlueParrott. He has to consistently turn DOWN the volume while driving his "Big truck" because it is so strong and the noise cancellation is awesome. But even better for me, I am hearing impaired and bluetooths are notoriously difficult for me to understand - whether the person is driving or using a headset at some customer service department at a business. The Parrott has incredible power and clarity and I have no trouble hearing my boyfriend on it. We got a great price on Amazon, so I urge anyone - don't bother wasting money on other bluetooths - many MORE expensive than the parrott, just get the Parrott - you will be an incredibly satisfied customer! It looks bigger and not so discreet as the smaller sleeker blue tooths - I agree - but extremely comfortable according to my boyfriend who wears it while on the job for up to 10-14 hours a day. So you decide - looks? or the ability to hear well on both ends."

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2. Rand McNally TND 720 Trucker GPS

A quality GPS is an absolute must-have for truck drivers of any level of experience.  This Rand McNally Trucker GPS is one of the highest rated out on the market.  With a nice bright, big screen, this GPS make turn-by-turn navigation easy to follow.  Its enhanced truck routing, rugged design and ability to find truck friendly locations on any route make life much easier for drivers. 

Best GPS for Truck Drivers

Rand McNally TND 720 Reviews

From John on Amazon:

"The 720 is very good for Commercial truck navigation, I love it because it does truly takes you on real truck routes and does not let you get into trouble. I recommended to all commercial truck drivers out there that drive all 48 states like me. I have been driving Tractor trailers for over 46 years and would not leave home without it. I do recommend to always consult your map to be sure."

From Riley Burdeen Jr. on Amazon:

"hasnt steared me wrong yet, extremely accurate, better than my tom tom and magellan, if there are anything i dont like about it, is sometimes it doesnt give me the quickest route, but it is a great tool to use in conjuction with an atlas, all the extras on this makes it well worth the money, if your a trucker using a gps this is the one you need, keeps mileage for the different states you cross over with a 98% accuracy rate. it was a 100% accurate on my other truck."


3. Sirius Starmate 8 Dock-and-Play Satellite Radio with Vehicle Kit

Life on the road is way more enjoyable with some good tunes and even better when you don't have to change the station.  This SiriusXM satellite radio is easy to setup in the truck and even has features to pause and rewind live radio as needed so you never worry about missing that song you wanted to hear again.  The large color display on this Sirius XM Radio even offers color customization options that make it both fit and look perfect in the truck. 

SiriusXm Satellite Radio for Truckers

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Reviews

From Sailerie on Amazon:

"Easy installation with good instructions. Nice large screen with controllable background colors and easy view of song information. Sounds great through my radio system."

From M. Schroder Mike on Amazon:

"First of all, I see comments about it having only 10 presets. I say who needs more than that? If you have 30 favorites, how can you call them "favorites"? What's the point? Just manually tune them. I listen to maybe THREE stations regularly. Seven others occasionally. The other 100+, I could lose them and never even miss them.

This little radio fits perfectly inside my center console - completely out of sight! And it's portable from vehicle to vehicle, to the backyard, out on the boat, wherever. All my past vehicles have always had it built in... Then it was a feature I had to have added or optioned in new cars, and I switch cars often.

Plugging into the aux jack is the way to go. Yes I know - everyone says "just get a Smart Phone with Pandora, etc." Well, our company provides us with Blackberries... UGH! And I'm NOT going to be carrying around 2 phones all the time. Forget it!

I like the color changing display, I like how it allows you to switch channels by category and direct tune, etc.

The features are better than a lot of $300+ head units you can buy. Reception is excellent - haven't had any problem with the antenna hood-mounted passenger side in the corner by the windshield. I ran the cable under the floor mat, through the passenger door seal by the hinge, then along the body panel gap to the hood. 5 minutes to install!

Switching service to this device was SUPER easy! Literally less than 5 minutes on the Sirius website. Then pulled the car out in the driveway, and it activated almost instantly. I dunno, maybe I got lucky?? No, I'm not the luckiest person I know.

This unit is worth every penny! Those without fancy cell phones, do not hesitate to buy this little gem!"

Final Thoughts

These 3 electronic devices bring additional safety, productivity and entertainment to any trucker's life.  Adding these items to the truck will make life on the road much more convenient and enjoyable.  Ask any truck driver to recommend some must-haves and all 3 of these will be near the top of the list, so whether you're a truck driver youself or looking to get something for a friend/family member, you can't go wrong with any of these.  

We'd like to hear from you - If you're a driver, what are your must-have items for your truck?  Share in the comments area below.