2 Of The Top Reasons To Pursue Truck Driver Jobs

truck-driver-trainingToday, we had the opportunity to do some more interviews with students going through CDL training over at trucking school.  It's always great to talk with these individuals first-hand about what they are learning from their trucking training experience and it's very interesting to learn more about them and why they decided to get into truck driving.  As we've been doing these interviews over the past couple of weeks (don't worry, we'll be posting the videos soon), I've noticed 2 consistent answers when asking the question, "what made you want to get into truck driving?"

  1. They've Always Thought About Being A Truck Driver - Whether their Grandpa was a truck driver or they have just always liked passing trucks out on the road as a little kid trying to get them to honk, many trucking training students have always thought about being behind the wheel of a big rig.  Most love the idea of getting paid to travel the open road.
  2. Truck Driving Jobs Are Available Now & Offer Competitive Pay - Several students mentioned that they have spent hours and in some cases even weeks searching online for jobs that are available and/or offer enough pay to support a family.  They are finding that truck driving jobs are needing to be filled immediately and the starting pay is very competitive to other opportunities.  AND trucking companies are even willing to pay for the CDL training so they can get started in this career.

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