2 of Our Most Popular Truck Driving Articles This Year

Today, we wanted to share some of our most visited blog posts so far this year. Each one addresses a different, yet important part of a truck driver's life. Make sure you check these out!

What Trucking Companies Hire & Train Inexperienced Drivers?
Everyday people are searching Google to find companies that hire and train inexperienced drivers.  Before deciding on a company, it's important to understand the options and what company spnsored CDL training really means.  Check out this post for more information. 

What Is The Best Bluetooth For Truck Drivers?
Communicating with family and friends while out on the road is a key component to the trucking lifestyle.  But, it can get pretty noisy around big rigs and truckers also need to stay safe.  So, what's the best Bluetooth option to meet these needs?  Get some suggestions and let us know here.