2 Must Reads for New Truck Drivers

If you're looking to find a truck driving job with no experience, you need to fully prepare yourself for that first year behind the wheel of a big rig.  You see, getting the first year of experience is the key, but it can also be one of the biggest challenges you'll face.  Why?  Because the first year requires you to make some lifestyle changes that come along with being away from home for a few weeks at a time.

Check out these must-read blog posts from Driver Solutions to help you make the adjustment and get the most out of that first year:

3 Reasons Your First Year As A Truck Driver Will Make or Break You

Getting started in trucking can be a daunting task. Some people are lucky enough to know truck drivers or retired truckers. They can ask questions, seek guidance, and know what to expect as they take the journey into the longest road trip of their life... Trucking.

Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky. Many people have nowhere to go for answers except the Internet. Three years ago, I was that person. I had all sorts of questions:

How do I get started?
How often will I get to come home?
How much money will I make?
What company should I start with?

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3 Goals Every First Year Driver Should Set

As we’re ending 2011 and heading into 2012, we look back on the past year, think about the goods and others, and start planning the New Year.  The first year of trucking is definitely the toughest, so the best approach is to set your goals for a successful first year.  For goals to actually work for you, you have to be specific, make sure they are achievable, and they need to be measurable.

To say that in the first year my goal is “To become a good truck driver” is not a specific goal.  You can’t measure it, and you have no real way of knowing if you’ve achieved it.  That said, you have to break down what it means to become a good truck driver and here are 3 measurable goals that will help you do just that..

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