17 Workouts You Can Do With Your Truck

Truck driver health is a major concern in the industry right now...and rightfully so.  In general, truck drivers are not the healthiest bunch.  We won't go into the numbers right now, but they're pretty eye opening.  All too often, drivers enter the industry and their health falls by the wayside.  With the change in lifestyle that comes along with a truck driving job, it's easy to make excuses.  It's easy to look at the truck and distance away from a gym be a disadvantage.  But in reality, the lifestyle and truck can be a big advantage when it comes to maintaining good health.

Our friends over at The Healthy Trucker have put together an extremely helpful video and blog post that shows truck drivers how to do 17 different workouts using a truck.

Truck Drivers Have Plenty of Opportunities to Exercise

Truth is, opportunities for exercise are all around.  Every truck driver must take a mandatory 30 minute break during their shift.  This is the PERFECT change to get in a workout.  Yes, there may be other things truck drivers want to do during that time, but taking just 15-20 minutes to move around can make a world of difference. 

Plenty More from The Healthy Trucker

Need more exercise ideas?  Ready to stop smoking?  Think it's time to cut down on the soda?  Visit TheHealthyTrucker.net for free tips and advice on all of these things.