Video:  10 Safe Driving Tips for Avoiding Semi Truck Accidents

Truck driver crashes are often in the news and if you search "semi truck accidents" on Google you'll get thousands of results back with videos, articles, pictures and more.  There are a lot of accidents involving truck drivers and most are preventable with proper knowledge.  Often times, the general public/media is so quick to blame truck drivers because they don't understand what it takes to operate a semi truck.  The sad thing is that in many of those cases where the truck driver is blamed, he or she is actually NOT at fault for the accident.  In fact, over 80% of these accidents are caused by the passenger vehicles, or "4 wheelers" as truck drivers like to call em.  So what can we do about it?

Watch the video below for 10 Safe Driving Tips to Help Prevent Semi Truck Accidents

To answer the question above - what can we do about all of these semi accidents and crashes involving truck drivers - the best thing we can do is educate the "general public" or everyday motorist on the capabilities/limitations of much larger CDL vehicles.  The video above features 10 tips that can really help make a difference - let's take a closer look...

10 Safe Driving Tips for Avoiding Semi Truck Accidents

  1. Avoid Blind Spots
  2. Pass Trucks with Caution
  3. Don't Linger Near the Truck
  4. Don't Cut Trucks Off
  5. Allow Space Between Trailer and Curb
  6. Practice Patience
  7. Lower Your Brights
  8. Signal Sooner
  9. Merge with Care
  10. Pay Attention

To the average person, these things may look like "common sense" but I guarantee if you spend a day behind the wheel of a semi riding alongside with a truck driver, you'll quickly begin to wonder if common sense still exists.  So, join us in taking the initiviate to make the roads a safer place by LIKING, SHARING & TWEETING this post.  With Spring Break season being in full swing and the roads being busier than ever, let's all help get the word out there!

You Can AlsoView All 10 Tips for Sharing the Road with Semi Trucks as an Infographic Here