PAM Transport Driver Gives Trucking A Big Thumbs Up After 1st Year!

PAM Transport Driver

You may have seen PAM Transport driver Jerry McCoy in the below video from The Healthy Trucker.  Jerry is an OTR trucker who maintains an active lifestyle out on the road.  In case you were wondering, he's also holding low salt popcorn in his hand....only healthy eating options for this truck driver!

In the video below, he shows some exercises that truck drivers can do anytime, anywhere with minimal equipment needed.  We recommend that all current truckers or anyone considering a truck driver job watch this video!

On another note, Jerry is celebrating his 1 year anniversary with PAM Transport.  How did he celebrate you might ask?  By taking a nice paid 7 day vacation using time he had earned over the first year to celebrate the 4th of July with friends and family.  He tells us his kids are doing great and his grandkids are doing great too.

Jerry is a former EMT and has worked for 2 other trucking companies in the past.  He highly recommends PAM Transport and let us know that they treat him well, he's happy with the miles he's getting and doesn't plan to leave.  In fact, he says he hopes to retire there sometime after the next 5 years (believe it or not, Jerry is 60 years old) .  When we asked him for his review of PAM Transport, he didn't hesitate to give the company a great big thumbs up.

Jerry is the perfect example of a driver who is taking care of himself, taking care of his career and enjoying life on the road as a truck driver with PAM Transport.  We wish him continued success as he heads into his 2nd year with the company!

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