Trucking Tips For New Drivers

Posted 12-17-13 by Derek McClain

Every new career change requires learning some little tips and tricks that make the adjustment a bit easier to handle. Fortunately, we have some advice on trucking school, adapting to the new lifestyle, and succeeding in an entirely new career. These tips are sure to help you in this journey to becoming a professional truck driver.

In this series, watch as various trucking school instructors, students, and graduates share their advice, tips, and suggestions for making it in the industry. From trucking school frustrations to maintaining a good diet on the road, we cover everything in this trucking tips series.

Watch the playlist below:

About Derek McClain

Derek has been working in the transportation industry since 2010 helping people learn all about what it’s like to become a truck driver.   With a background in communications, Derek uses technology to connect with drivers and share their experiences through the Driver Solutions blog.   Whether it’s tips for getting the most out of CDL training or learning how to be successful during the first year of a truck driver job and beyond, it can all be found here.  When not on the job, this exercise enthusiast stays active by squeezing in a workout any chance he gets. Derek’s tips for truck driver exercise can be found on his other blog at TheHealthyTrucker.Net and you can connect with him on Google Plus here.

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