Getting a CDL

Posted 12-17-13 by Mike Curts

So you've bit the bullet and decided to finally get your Class A CDL. The next natural progression is wondering what the process actually like. In this trio of videos, experienced trucking school instructors detail the three parts of CDL training that will help you in getting a CDL – classroom learning, range training, and road driving.

Classroom training focuses on map reading, driver logs, general knowledge information, and other skills that are crucial to your success as a truck driver. Part 2, or range training, is where you'll learn the basics and fundamentals of actually driving a truck – backing, steering, changing gears and the like. And last but not least, part 3, where you actually drive out on the open road with other vehicles. This is where you'll refine and polish your skills to ensure you're ready to take the State CDL test.

Watch as CDL training instructors go into detail about the 3 parts of training necessary to get your Class A CDL.


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