Life After Truck Driving School: First Truck Driving Job

Posted 12-17-13 by Amanda Brown

Graduating from truck driving school is just the first step towards a lifelong career in trucking. And starting the first truck driving job is often where new truck drivers figure out if trucking is for them. Before she attended truck driving school, Driver Solutions graduate Nicole has tried a number of jobs. She was a cashier, construction worker, dog groomer, contractor, car wash attendant, and even hauled carnival rides. Remembering her desire to become a truck driver from age 16, Nicole enrolled in the Driver Solutions company sponsored CDL training program and, after truck driving school, went to work for PAM Transport.

Now a year since her graduation date, Nicole loves her truck driver job with PAM. Company sponsored CDL training gave her an opportunity to become a truck driver that she would not have had otherwise, and she's very happy. Nicole says she enjoys her job as an over the road truck driver for PAM so much, she will be driving for the rest of her life. In fact, she said she'll never quit, and we'll have to "drag her out of this truck" because she wants to keep driving for many years to come. Nicole completed truck driving school in February 2011. Since then, she has gone over the road with a driver trainer, drove as a member of a team, and become a solo truck driver hauling loads from coast to coast. She balances her home life with two young daughters with her OTR life working for PAM Transport.

Wanna know more about Nicole’s success story in trucking? Watch our next "Driver Solutions Alumni" episode to hear about how she likes driving for PAM Transport.

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