Driver Solutions Shortcuts: Tips & Advice From Student Truckers

Posted 12-17-13 by Mike Curts

We know that often times people need to hear about others' personal experiences prior to attending CDL training or pursuing a new entry level truck driving job, so we put together this playlist just for you.

In this set of videos, Driver Solutions students discuss their tips, advice, and personal experiences during truck driving school. Curious what the truck driver training experience is really like? Our past students talk about this at length as they discuss budgeting tips, what the instructors are like, and how to study and make friends at school. You'll also find out why these particular students decided to get their CDLs, what they were doing professionally prior to trucking school, and what starting a new career was like for them.

Here's a little preview of the top 5 videos in this series:

  1. Stability of the Industry: Students dicuss how the industry stability influenced them in their decision to pursue a truck driving job.
  2. Advice for Future Truckers: CDL students share the tips they've learned so far on how to succeed at school.
  3. Why Did You Choose Driver Solutions? CDL training students share their reasons for attending trucking school through Driver Solutions.
  4. Studying for CDL Training: Truck driver training students talk about how eGears online studying helped them study for and pass their permit tests.
  5. What has Truck Driving School Been Like So Far? Trucking school students talk about what the overall morale and experience is like during CDL training.

See what they had to say below!


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