Truck GPS Unit Reviews: What Is The Best GPS For Truck Drivers?

Posted 02-18-13 by Derek McClain

Best GPS for Truck Drivers

Ask any truck driver and he/she will tell you that a GPS is a must-have.  But how do you find the best GPS for truck drivers?  You know, the one that won't take you under a bridge that you can't clear in your semi. 

Well, lucky for you we've done our homework.  Driver Solutions has asked thousands of truck drivers (both newbies and experienced drivers as well) to recommend the best GPS for truck drivers to invest in.  Notice we said "invest."  That's because a good GPS might be a little expensive, but it IS an investment that will pay off in just days!

So, what do you need to look for in a good trucker GPS?  Here are a few must-haves:

  • Trucker Friendly - a regular GPS won't get the job done.  You need a GPS to tell you which exits, roads and bridges are trucker friendly.  This is important not only for you, but also for your truck!  We don't want that bridge taking off the top of your semi!
  • Enhanced Truck Routing - a truck driver needs options when it comes to finding the best route to his/her destination.  Road conditions change and it's imperative that your GPS be able to change as well.
  • Bright Screen & Durability - truck drivers need a GPS they can see clearly and one that will hold up when put to the test
  • Features & Connectivity - it's nice to have WiFi capabilities for real time weather and construtions alerts as well as options to log fuel usage and expenses

And the winner is....

GPS View for Truckers - Rand McNallyReally, most conversations with truck drivers will lead back to the same two choices - the Rand McNally TND 720 and the Garmin dezl 760LMT.  We've had this debate many times and the Rand McNally TND 720 gets the most positive reviews as the best GPS for truckers.

But don't just take our word for it - here are some Rand McNally GPS reviews from truck drivers and some trucker wives on Amazon...

Mary writes:

"My husband is a truck driver and I had bought him a regular GPS a few years back that did not give the truck routes(very bad at times). This one gives routes that trucks can drive on, with scale locations and warnings, which is very important if you are loaded. Very impressive."

Paul Dodrill writes:

"This new GPS from Rand McNally, the TND720 is Great ! It has saved me time and money, what i mean by money is wasted fuel looking for my stops, puts me in the front door everytime, that is if dispatch gets the address right... Lol. Hounestly its great. Would be even better if it had its own WiFI built in so the weather and such would be easyer to get to without haveing to carry my WIFI card around with me , its just another thing to plug in to a outlet. But yes i would buy another one today if something happend to mine. Its simple to use, the screen is big and clear easy to see even in heavy traffic its great. Thanks Rand McNally"

Rand McNally Atlas for TruckersA. Medvecky "Bee Lady" (Pikeville, TN) writes:

"Rand McNally listened to Truck Drivers well, and they delivered. This is by far the best GPS that I have ever owned and I have owned several over my driving career. Easy to program. I can plan my routes through several different methods; address, city (zip code) or intersection. I can plan multi-stop routes which is very common. Find fuel stops, scales and layovers to take my 10 hour breaks. I can program hours of service, fuel usage, and just about anything else that concerns a professional driver. With the added bonus of connecting it to my mobile hot spot, I can check the weather and know beforehand if i am driving into a snowstorm or a tornado prone storm. The sound is loud enough to be heard over the noise of a big rig. I am still using my other 2 GPS at the time, but I see a full phase out of them in the future when I know the full features of the Rand McNally TND 720."

PRO TIP:  Do yourself a HUGE favor and pick up this Rand McNally Trucker Atlas to go along with the GPS.  As anyone who has ever owned a GPS knows, they are not perfect.  It's absolutely imperative that every trucker own a good atlas to help when alternate routes are needed and this one is the perfect compliment to the GPS.  It also helps to pick up a good dashboard mount for the GPS, but that's up to your preference. 


Voice Your Opinion!

Truck Drivers - Have you tried this GPS?  Do you recommend it or do you have another recommendation?  Take a moment to leave a comment and let us know. 

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